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SSAMC is so excited and honored to serve the children of Georgia! Our mission is to cultivate creativity by providing all students and young adults with exemplary personalized and supportive learning programs that will create innovative ideas within and provide them with strategies, techniques, and tools to be successful in their endeavors. Today’s Children, Tomorrow Leaders!

SSAMC After School Program for at-risk teenagers is a well-rounded program that provides students with the opportunities to succeed, learn, and be challenged so their confidence in academics as well as social situations grows. Our after school program provide help to students and parents during the school year and also during the summer months when school has commenced. At-risk students tend to have low self-esteem and low expectations for their success on novel and challenging tasks and are not motivated to see them completed. This is why SSAMC designed our after-school program so students who are involved can feel more committed to academics and more optimistic about their future.

At SSAMC we want to promote a sense of belonging and value so we encourage our students to take active roles in program decisions as well as carry out leadership roles in our program. Our staff realize many children do not feel loved so by investing our resources and time in working diligently with them we are showing them that we not only love them, but instilling in them that people do care and hard work yield great results. Students like the way achievement feels and they are cultivated and drawn into this emotions and the feeling of success.

SSAMC after school program complements the material that students see during the school day and focus on subjects that may be under-emphasized in schools. Programs that are demanding and offer challenging and relevant activities have the best chance of yielding positive academic outcomes. To ensure that these programs are effective, it requires a collaboration effort from our staff, parents, and students.

Our Mentor Program is designed to promote awareness, creativity, discipline, and vision. Our mentors come from all walks of life, but they all have one purpose and that is to rear our children in the right direction. The mentoring program at SSAMC will allow both parents and student to grow in a great family environment that will lead to positive relationships. During many of our programs, students and parents will work together on relationship and life skills that will help both live in a positive and healthy environment.

In our community many underprivileged children have not ventured far outside their neighborhoods for various reasons, but SSAMC would like to narrow that gap by providing children with an opportunity to expand and explore their minds so they will learn how to think outside the box and broaden their horizons. SSAMC outings range from a visit to a local park or museum to a stroll on a college campus or a simple picnic outside. Through connections with trusted mentors and exposure to activities, a child can develop a better vision for his or her future beyond the limited horizons that hold back far too many children

Parent Classes. Parents are an extremely important part to the success of our program. Once the students and young adults complete the program, the parent(s) will be instrumental in ensuring the child stays on track. We often use the phrase "at-risk" when speaking about our students; however, there are many times that our parents are at-risk as well. Many parents try to be a friend to their child, when in fact; the child desperately requires discipline and structure to stay focused and on task. When the child acts out or becomes so undisciplined where the parents are no longer in control, this leads to disaster for the entire family. In an instance, the family dynamics have negatively shifted and the entire family has become impacted significantly by the negative behavior of this child. Where does a parent(s) go from here?

SSAMC realizes that many parents lack the education and resources to become better parents and to even identify the issues they are facing. Many parents have no knowledge or how things got out of hand or where they went wrong. For many parents, the desire is there to become a better parent, but the education and resources are lacking. To help with this process, we have designed classes that will focus on challenges and struggles parents face daily that hinders them in their parental role as parents.

We have partnered with agencies and many of our staff members that will assist the parents with credit repair, counseling and therapy, coping mechanisms, skill building, and strategies to help deal with at-risk students, GED preparation for parents who did not complete high school, home ownership classes, GED preparation, reading and writing workshops, and much more. Whatever we can do to help the better, will help the child, and ultimately build a positive family structure. SSAMC is not only here to build children, we are here to build families, which build communities.

We look forward to serving your entire family at SSAMC. 

Why us?

At SSAMC we have designed unique programs that not only focus on the child, but extend that focus onto the parents. Our program is designed so the entire family can benefit and become a productive unit. We believe at SSAMC that no person in the family should be left behind or left out because everyone in the household has an important role in the success of the family.

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