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Meet Some of our Mentors and Staff Members

Kyle Ross (Retired Navy) Kyle started his military career straight out of high school. He received numerous accolades while serving in the military and was a dedicated sailor to all his shipmates. Kyle had numerous duties while serving in the military and received high honors and medals for them all. Kyle's ship was deployed to both wars: Desert Storm and the fight on Terrorism in Afghanistan. 

Kyle main duty in the military was Head Culinary Specialist, which he supervised numerous sailors and was responsible for ordering and preparing meals for the entire ship while at sea and the entire base 

while on shore duty. Kyle took his management position in the military very serious and his goal was to always find ways to save money.

Even though Kyle had over $1,000,000 every month for his budget, he would always look for ways to save the military money. His motto was, "A penny earned, was a penny saved," and with Kyle's strategic thinking, his smarts, and his "no food wasted approach," he was definitely going to meet and surpass this challenge. Kyle did not believe in wasting food. Being a chef made this an easy challenge for Kyle because he knew what to do with the leftover foods. Kyle would create healthy, tasty meals that would "wow" everyone eating them with the leftovers. The military and his superiors were so taken by his approach and how he was able to stretch the budget to save millions over a year, they rewarded him handsomely. Kyle was grateful for those accolades from his superiors, but as always, he stayed humble because in his eyes, he was only doing his job and what God gifted him to do, use his intelligence for the good of others.

Kyle served so many important dignitaries while in the military and one of his most memorable moments was preparing a meal and a birthday cake for Colin Powell and having a one-on-one conversation with him. Mr. Powell gave Kyle advise that he would take throughout his life and Mr. Powell also bestowed upon Kyle precious items that he will cherish forever. During his military career, Kyle continuously found time to mentor students with his wife and volunteer as a coach for various sports. Since retiring from the military Kyle continues to work as a mentor and also works with soldiers/sailors at the Veteran's Affair (VA) and Veterans of Foreign War (VFW). Kyle's approach to mentoring is a militant style. He teaches them that discipline, honor, and respect will take them a long way. Kyle shares all his military experiences with his mentees and they respect him and what he says. Kyle also mentors with the public schools and checks up on the students periodically to ensure they are on task. In his spare time Kyle enjoys watching television (CNN and ESPN to be exact), dining out, family time, traveling, and being a foster parent. As you can see he is a die hard Alabama Roll Tide Fans!

Kyle is the Vice President of SSAMC, he oversees the male mentors. He recruits, interviews, and places all male mentors with mentees based on suitability. Kyle is also in charge of the disciplinary structure of the mentoring program. 

Jonathan Mayo (Program Director)

Jonathan has extensive experience in nonprofit and corporate managerial leadership. He has worked with City Year, Inc., in Boston, MA as Director of Recruitment. He has served in youth services and community based programs in the capacity of directing their recruitment efforts, program development, partnership development, funding requests and skills training for the youth and staff. 

Jonathan worked with Lotus Development Corporation, Division of IBM, As a Regional Business Development Manager at IBM, he drove North American revenue through major corporate accounts, built strategic alliances and provided customer service management. He is a native of New York City and a graduate of York College, City University of New York with a B.S. in Marketing.

Jonathan currently serves on The Atlanta Cares Mentoring Movement, Steering Committee and APEX Museum Board Member. Jonathan has lived in Atlanta since 2004. He believes that "Everything in Life is a Privilege".

Jonathan is the program director at SSAMC and he is in charge of determining the goals of the mentoring program and he selects the criteria for mentors and mentees, interview potential mentees and place them with suitable mentors, chooses the proper mentoring model, defines the critical components of the program, and evaluate the results at the end of each mentee's program. 

Angelo Ross (College Graduate and IT Specialist)

Angelo is a well-rounded young man. He graduated from Old Dominion University (ODU) with a degree in Business Information Technology. While attending college, Angelo was able to work an internship, work as a substitute teacher, and keep his GPA above 3.0. 

Angelo is a remarkable young man who would be a great mentor to any young male who desires to become more and who feel they don't have what it takes to be great! After college Angelo landed a great job in the IT Department of a government agency in Virginia. Angelo has also partnered with a friend to start a security camera business . What an inspiration! Angelo can touch so many young males lives by giving them his testimony and sharing his struggles. Angelo says having a strong foundation and putting God first and trusting the plan God has for his life is why he is where he is today. Angelo credits his parents for always pushing him to be more than ordinary, but to always strive for 

extraordinary. Angelo's parents created a platform for him to be successful by providing him with the godly advice, the finances, the love, and the guidance to make it through college.

Angelo's motto is "nothing in life is free and nothing in life is given to you. If you want it, go work hard for it." One has to persevere through all the struggles, be disciplined, be respectful, stay focus, and work hard to accomplish his or her goals. Because after all, obedience is better than sacrifice. 

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